Monthly Meditations


October 2021
When God’s word, the Bible, is rejected as our personal, family, or national code of conduct, confusion reigns.
September 2021
In practical terms, every born-again Christian sees the world, and everything in it, as belonging to God. They claim nothing by entitlement, recognizing the legitimacy of God’s claim: “the world is mine, and the fulness thereof.”
August 2021
Dear believer, whatever your pressing needs, or those of your brothers and sisters in Christ at this present time, we have a source of help… The throne of grace is open and freely accessible to you.
July 2021
The importance of a living faith in the experience of every Christian cannot be over-emphasized.
June 2021
Are you happy to be nothing or a nobody in the eyes of men that the Lord Jesus Christ might be everything—the focus of all attention and admiration?
May 2021
Is there actual evidence from your thoughts that the spirit of your mind has been renewed by grace?
April 2021
He who knows all things knows when and how to strengthen even the weakest saint, to put the devil to flight.
March 2021
For the spiritually minded believer, the prospect of a home in heaven…is of more worth than all the treasures and pleasures this world can offer.
February 2021
When we take time to reflect, we discover that the most profitable experiences in the lives of many were during times of severe adversity.
January 2021
“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”


December 2020
When our wills are conformed to the divine will, then we happily remain at our appointed post…ready to be called to account at any moment.
November 2020
Jesus Christ knows the secrets of your heart, even when it feels broken.
October 2020
“When I am weak, then am I strong.”
September 2020
Upon what is your mind feeding? Is your soul being nourished from God’s word, or are you hoping to grow spiritually while occupying your mind with shallow, superficial substitutes?
August 2020
In the hustle and bustle of life, it is easy to overlook this critical fact that God takes a thorough account of everything we are, do, and say.
July 2020
If…our experiences in life strengthen our faith in God and focus our eyes more steadfastly upon him, then they are productive of spiritual good.
June 2020
Does socialising amongst Christians need reforming today?
May 2020
During these recent months God has been addressing the nations throughout the world, reminding them of his power, but also calling this generation to repentance.
April 2020
As death presently stalks the nations, many are grieving, while others fear what might happen to them or those near and dear to them. Where can we turn at such a time?
March 2020
When God, through his word and providences, calls sinners like us to humble ourselves before him, to repent for our pride, we ought to be swift to respond.
February 2020
One of the most debilitating of human experiences is that of fear.
January 2020
The surest way to progress in any field in the year ahead of us is to keep close to Christ while listening carefully and obediently to his voice.


December 2019
Even well-intentioned Christians are being drawn into lifestyles that demand a greater pursuit of material gain to the detriment of their spiritual lives.
November 2019
Our lives have purpose!
October 2019
Because the child of God has many reasons for being happy in the Lord, this does not diminish the reality of sorrow in his or her experience.
September 2019
How different we would feel in our response to many scenarios and circumstances in our experiences, if we listened to Peter’s intercessor, saying to ourselves, “But I have prayed for thee.”
August 2019
“Have faith in God.” Jesus directed the disciples to exercise personal faith in God.
July 2019
“It is finished.” Christ did it all. Trust his finished work.
June 2019
When the Lord Jesus Christ speaks tenderly to you saying, “Thou are mine,” it is to remind you that you belong entirely to him.
May 2019
The child of God rests by faith upon the immutable fact that God knows everything perfectly.
April 2019
Our lot is cast in a day of much superficial Christianity.
March 2019
In his short epistle, the apostle James draws attention to the power and influence of what he describes as “a little member” of the body—the tongue.
February 2019
In the opening Psalm we are introduced to an important and profitable spiritual exercise: meditation.
January 2019
When we read the words in the book of Proverbs, “Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth,” (Proverbs 27:1) they remind us of just how ignorant we are of the future.


December 2018
The gates of hell shall not prevail.
November 2018
“Without me ye can do nothing.”
October 2018
The focus and quality of true Christian service.
September 2018
“Accepted in the beloved.”
August 2018
The apostle Paul, when writing his second epistle to the Christians in the church at Corinth, found it necessary to warn them not to allow Satan to get the advantage over them.
July 2018
When the Saviour states, “I know,” we can be confident that no one else can possibly know so much about any situation, or circumstances, as He does.
June 2018
One of the evidences for grace in the heart of a child of God is the spirit of thankfulness to God for all his merciful dealings with him or her.
May 2018
“And the disciples were called Christians…”
April 2018
“And we know…”
March 2018
John the Baptist was an outstanding individual, to whom the Lord Jesus paid tribute…
February 2018
“Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and for ever.”
January 2018
As we take our leave of the old year and enter the new, we are aware of the passing of time.